Kathryn Jones (sway_001) wrote in rugby_league,
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yes, GO LOSE. GO CRY without your Braithy :P
hear hear!!
no.. we managed to do quiet well with out my braithy... quiet well indeed.. boo ya!
but the roosters managed to do quite well WITH your braithy as well!
ah yes i can see how losing is doing well hehe...anyways.. enjoy him
Well in the ladder, you are only one place ahead of us!
its only early days though.. for all we know, the knight could get up there like they did today.. actually, to tell u the truth, im kinda scared about friday night
yeah, im kinda scared about Round 22. (yay, thats ages away!)
im sure that by round 22, Johnsy will be sidelined with an injury. :)
anything could happen by then.. souths may even make an improvement lol.. butim not happy the commonwealth games have delayed the friday footy, and taken away the footy show last week.. damn them!!
hahaha, souths making an improvement! :S im not happy about the commonwealth games either, taking away all the good shows!
lmfao @ Souths making an improvement. Yeah we can see they've already done that by voting for Russel Crowe!! Souths surely this year are going to be reunited with their family heirloom- the wooden spoon :D
I hate Braith I'm glad his gone to the Roosters he never passes the ball he didn't do much for the Roosters last game any way.

Go the Doggies 47-12 you got to love that
First of all, lol at the family heirloom!! :) Also, I'm glad my team isnt against the Knights this week!!
Knights are little compare to the Bulldogs so I think the Bulldogs will have a great chance in winning.
A bit late but: hahaha, bulldogs lost 46-22 against the knights! ;)
Yes go the doggies!! and bring back sherwin into first grade when his hand gets better!
Ok i have a few things to say about some things added to this conversation. For 1 GET OVER BRAITH ANASTA ok i mean we did well with him now he's gone to the shit house because he left, serves him right. Second of all the only reason Souths hired Russel Crowe is maybe they might have a chance (not likely but anyways) because if he gets angry he can just throw a phone at the ref. Number three what is the point of adding a comment to a bulldogs conversation when you don't even go for them, commen sence people. GO THE DOGGIES